Advancing Our Hope and Our Mission

To pay it forward is to do a good deed with no thought whatsoever of repayment. When you see someone in need, and you want to do something nice for them. It can be as big or small as you want. It’s instinctive, random acts of kindness. When someone receives unexpected help, they usually want to pay you back somehow. Now, we can just say, “That’s all right. The next time YOU see someone in need, just pay it forward.”




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Bee Attitude Award

At the Primary and Elementary Schools we give awards for positive behavior and positive goals for learning.



Special Needs Sweat Suits

At Christmas time we buy sweat suits and give a Christmas Party to all the special needs students at the schools in Cook County.

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Civi Kids

Program started at Cook Elementary School for kids grade 3-5 to learn how to help others and develop the desire to help others.